Музыкальное произведение Reach out to me


Время: 04:09 | Лайков: 0 | Заходов: 127 | Автор: Cathy Burton

Reach out to me рисунок


The storm cloud,
Has finally been lifted,
I can see it in the distance,
And my mind an open hand

I can feel a brand new day
A sense of reason
A sense of purpose
I know the meaning from within

And I
I will be waiting
For You

So take me to the river
Of the love that never ends,
With You

Reach out to me ,
Share your heart with me,
Hold me close,
Don't let me go,
Out of sight

Reach out to me,
I want you to be hear with me,
Hold me close,
Don't let me go tonight

Подборка Cathy Burton - Reach Out To Me (Rasmus Johansson Remix)

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