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I wonder maybe we can just sit for a couple of moments together, and then we can take a break after this. Just be confortable. All words that you have heard in your being, they have taking place inside your own being, all these words, all these thoughts, all this very presence itself which is making itself felt much more intensely, all this is occuring spontaneously in you, you see. And it's pointing to that which cannot be describe, cannot be touched. And the fragrance that arises from this seeing is peace and joy, unbound joy. This discovery that you are not an object, you are beyond names and forms, and what comes and goes. And the perception of all of this occurs in your presence. But there are no coordinates to locate you. And there is some dimension, some space within you that is delighting in being reminded of this, being shown again, that which cannot be seen just whith fleshly eyes, that unnassociated being. And ideas such as 'staying in this', or 'coming out of this', are meaningless. No one gave you yourself, and no one can take it away. But the body came, and the body will go. We are the eternal one.

Подборка Памяти Майкла Джексона - We Are The World

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