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I see you with her, and it crushes me inside
Guess I should stop thinking about you all the time
Maybe this is what I needed, maybe this is a sign,
Maybe, Ive been blind to reality
Baby tell me
Every little glance my way
Everytime you wanted to hang
You seemed so interested
Could you tell me, was it real or was it all in my head?
Shes so pretty
You two look so great
Time for me to move on now
It was probably just a silly crush anyway
But I just cant help but think, that we, we couldve had something
Have I really been blind to reality?

Was it real or was it fake?
Was it all a mistake?
Boy I just gotta know was it all in my head, all in my head?
Did you ever feel the same?
Was my mind just playing games?
Boy I just gotta know was it all in my head, all in my head?


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