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Q Marina, what do you know about yourself, about your character?

Nothing. It's a very, very difficult question. I don't know really. What do I know about myself? What exactly do you mean?

Q What could you say about yourself if you were another person?

If I were another person? What could I say about myself?

Q Well, how would you describe yourself?
How would I describe myself, yeah? Okay. Average height, short hair, shoulder length, blue eyes. What else? Slim. Let's say athletic built. Yeah, well, I guess that's it.

Q What do you think about your personality?

What about my personality? The way I see it, or the way, I think, others see me?

Q Both.

Both... I think I am introverted. But I think others see me as extraverted. I like... I like different people very much. I like communicating and socializing with people very much, but I also like to be alone. So, that's why, I think, I'm introverted. Then what else? I like traveling, I like learning about other cultures. I may be... sometimes, I may be difficult to be around, because I am a very independent person. But generally, I think, I am nice. Or I'd like to think that others see me as a nice person.

Q What is your favorite animal?
My favorite animal? I don't have a favorite animal. I like dogs, I like cats, but I... I like certain kinds of dogs. Say, I like Cocker Spaniels. I just think they're cute, they are very friendly.

Q Do you associate yourself with a Cocker-Spaniel?

I do I also like Dalmatians. You know, what I like about Cocker Spaniels and Dalmatians is the way they wiggle their tail. So I just think it's very friendly, and it's very cute. And at one point I wanted to have a Cocker Spaniel, and I wanted to have a Dalmatian too, but I decided not to have one, because I couldn't look after them. I'm very, very busy with my work, and... because I couldn't look after a pet I decided not to have it.

Q Do you remember any cases, when you were surprised with yourself?

When I was really surprised with myself?.. I don't know, there've been lots of situations, when I was surprised. I guess it has to do with some difficulties. Whenever there's a difficulty that I have to overcome, and I think, 'oh, I can't do that , you know, I just can't'. And then I try to like stop and think about the situation, and find the solution, and solve the problem that I have. I guess that's when I'm really, really surprised, because I had enough patience, and I had enough maybe perseverance to get through.

Q What are your demerits?

I can be impatient, and I get very excited when I start things. But it's very hard for me to finish things. So, I guess, that's the biggest problem on a daily basis.

Q What helps you improve your weak points?

Just... telling myself, reminding myself that it's important to finish what you start.

Q Do you share your problems with your friends?

I think so, yeah, why not? You know... it's good to have friends, who can listen to your problems and give you advice. But your friends may not always have the time to listen to your stories, and listen to your problems, and if there's a person, who can help you, a professional who can help you, I think... I think it's useful. Although, I've never talked to anyone like that. I... I've never been in a situation, where I really, really wanted to talk to... a professional about personal problems that I have, but I think... I think it's not so bad.

Q Marina, you've traveled a lot. What country did you like more?
You know... I think... I'd like to be called 'the citizen of the world'.

Q What do you mean?
I mean, I've traveled a lot and it's really hard to say which culture I belong to. I like different cultures, really. And I think this is what people should strive for. People should

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