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Mother Knows Best (All I have is one request) рисунок


Mother Gothel Mother Knows Best

(Gothel You want to go outside? Why, Rapunzel...)
Look at you, as fragile as a flower,
Still a little sapling, just a sprout.
You know why we stay up in this tower
(Rapunzel I know but)
Gothel That's right To keep you safe and sound, dear.
Guess I always knew this day was coming,
Knew that soon you'd want to leave the nest,
Soon, but not yet
(Rapunzel But)
Gothel Shh Trust me, pet,
Mother knows best.

Mother knows best,
Listen to your mother,
It's a scary world out there.
Mother knows best,
One way or another
Something will go wrong, I swear.

Ruffians, thugs,
Poison ivy, quicksand,
Cannibals and snakes,
The plague
(Rapunzel No Gothel Yes Rapunzel But)
Gothel Also large bugs
Men with pointy teeth, and
Stop, no more, you'll just upset me

Mother's right here,
Mother will protect you.
Darling, here's what I suggest,
Skip the drama,
Stay with mama,
Mother knows best.

Go ahead, get trampled by a rhino,
Go ahead, get mugged and left for dead.
Me, I'm just your mother, what do I know?
I only bathed and changed and nursed you.
Go ahead and leave me, I deserve it.
Let me die alone here, be my guest.
When it's too late
You'll see, just wait,
Mother knows best.

Mother knows best,
Take it from your mumsy,
On your own, you won't survive.
Sloppy, underdressed,
Immature, clumsy,
Please, they'll eat you up alive.

Gullible, naïve,
Positively grubby,
Ditzy and a bit, well, hmm vague,
Plus, I believe,
Gettin' kinda chubby,
I'm just saying 'cause I wuv you.
Mother understands,
Mother's here to help you,
All I have is one request

Rapunzel Yes?
Gothel Don't ever ask to leave this tower again.
Rapunzel Yes, Mother.
Gothel I love you very much, dear.
Rapunzel I love you more.
Gothel I love you most.)

Don't forget it,
You'll regret it.
Mother knows best.


(Rapunzel I think he likes me.)
Gothel Likes you? Please, Rapunzel, that's demented
(Rapunzel But Mother, I... )
Gothel This is why you never should have left.
Dear, this whole romance that you've invented
Just proves you're too naive to be here.
Why would he like you?
Come on now - really
Look at you You think that he's impressed?
Don't be a dummy,
Come with mummy,
Mother ...
(Rapunzel No)

(Gothel No?
Ohhh...I see how it is.)
Rapunzel knows best,
Rapunzel's so mature now,
Such a clever grown-up miss.
Rapunzel knows best.
Fine, if you're so sure now,
Go ahead, then give him this

This is why he's here
Don't let him deceive you
Give it to him, watch, you'll see

Trust me, my dear,
That's how fast he'll leave you.
I won't say I told you so.
No, Rapunzel knows best
So if he's such a dreamboat,
Go and put him to the test

If he's lying
Don't come crying,
Mother knows best

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