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In my dreams I have seen future and past
Love that is lost, dreams turn to shades...
Where are you now, can we be like this once again?

Lost in your touch I was little and scared
And I used to feel empty inside.
I`m waiting to see eternity with you,
In my mind our love is true.

Thinking of the sunset we once shared
In a dream I have held your hand all through
And through the darkness and divinest light
Will we be again...

I turn out the lights, another day has gone
I wake up to see, if you are here with me
Is it real or are you here in my own fantasy?

I wake up early then I turn on the lights
To find that you were never here
Am I going insane, can this be real
Have I lost you for all time?

Подборка Jan Thore Grefstad (Highland Glory)

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