Музыкальное произведение Fuck that Bitch


Время: 02:08 | Лайков: 0 | Заходов: 626 | Автор: Horseshoe Gang

Fuck that Bitch рисунок


[Hook Young Dro]
Bitch that a holla 'bout "Fuck Me"?
Naw, Fuck Dat Bitch
Fuck Dat Bitch (2×)
Bitch that a holla 'bout "Fuck Me"?
Naw, Fuck Dat Bitch
Fuck Dat Bitch (2×)
Bitch that a holla 'bout "Fuck Me"?
Naw, Fuck Dat Bitch

[Verse 1 Dice]
Yo, just met a chick in the club/
Walked up to her like, "What the bihness is?"/
She said, "This gone cost"/
Bitch I'm a boss, like a nigga with a bunch of businesses/
She let me know from the go she a gold diggin' ho/
But yo, I love when bitches get feisty, she'll never be wifey/
But I might let her suck my dick, but shit/
I be on that boss shit, no moonlight, but I be on that Ross shit/
An hour later, took her to the house and slayed her ass 'til she got exhausted/
I woke up, the dame was gone, my chain was gone, aww fuck I almost lost it/
For a second I thought I lost it, then I realized she stole it...aww shit/
(Fuck Dat Bitch)/
I don't know what made me trust that (bitch)/
Called up my female homies from East Side Long Beach/
They had to jump that (bitch)/
I'm in a cold position, man I was trippin', fuckin' with that hatin' ass slut/
Yeah I got caught slippin', slackin' on my pimpin', "It's all good, playas fuck up"/
I met another chick I met her while I was ridin' through traffic/
I was trynna get it crackin', her rear-end I was plottin' on smashin'/
She had them red bottoms on, so I figured she was probably into fashion/
She gave me her business card man, classy, she the opposite of ratchet/
After I fucked a few times yo, she was in love with my cock/
Us Horseshoe niggas is kinda like a new pair of Jordans/
Nigga them shoes stay up in that box/
I got bored with her, started ignoring her/
Fuck it, letting her have someone else/
She left an angry voice message said/
If I wax someone else, it'd be bad for my health (man, please)/
(Fuck Dat Bitch)/
A nigga wasn't really trynna love that (bitch)/
Her ass was bad but her attitude was trash/
So a nigga had to dump that (bitch)/
She sent me a picture of her in a wedding dress holding a mean .38/
I ain't worried 'bout the drama scene startin'/
But I'm feelin' like Martin, a thin line between love and hate...


Подборка Rihanna - Bad Bitch ft. Beyoncé | Choreography by Dasha Olkhovskaya | D.side dance studio

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