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The morning crept in like the sound of church bells peaking their head through the cracks of the foreign floorboard.
Like a ghost it washed through the room
shifting our sleep patterns and slightly tilting the picture frames.
Is this what we have to look forward to?
No this is what weve been looking forward to

ive got a weeks worth of old cigarettes
and theyre buried somewhere in my chest
i think id rather walk and have another
we could talk about old precedents
and what the lines in your forehead meant
maybe entertain the thought of swaying in your headlights

So good morning baby
(Havent seen you lately)
i know i saw you last night
but in the light you make me dizzy

So i was counting counting counting every step thatd wed take
side step the puddles in our way
it really seems that it has been raining for days
turning pot holes into man made lakes

Chlorine eyes
you burned my virgin thighs
i finally realized
progress means monetize
You said were all together, maybe that means forever

You say youre stuck in a rut
id say its anything but
You fall right back in line
Back in line you fall right

jackie said the monuments are lucky cause they can sleep forever
jackie said the pyramids are lucky cause they can sleep together
jackie said the rocks at Stonehenge are lucky cause they can sleep forever
the cigarettes you light from both ends are lucky cause they can burn forever

all you want to be is a ghost
all you want to be is a ghost
Inside jokes that last forever, your tough skin as thick as leather
On a plane, on a train, peace of mind, western states
This is my kind of day as the smoke falls away

Can you settle for my shadow?

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