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On To the Next One (feat. Swizz Beatz) рисунок


(Swizz Beats -Chorus)
I got a million ways to get it
Choose one (choose one)
Hey, bring it back (bring it back)
Now double your money and make a stack

Im on to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one

Hold up, freeze

Somebody bring me back some money please,

Hov on that new shit n-ggas like how come
N-ggas want my old sh-t, buy my old album
N-ggas stuck on stupid, I gotta keep it moving
N-ggas make the same sh-t, me I make the blueprint

Came in Range, hopped out the Lexus
every year since ive bin on that next sh-t
traded in the gold for the platinum rolexs
Now a n-gga wrist match the status of my records

Used to rock a throwback, ballin on the corner
Now I rock a tailored suit looking like a owner
No im not a Jonas brother Im a grown up
lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
No Im not a virgin I use my cojones

I move forward the only direction
cant be scared to fail Search and perfection
Gotta keep it fresh even when we sexing
but dont be mad at him when hes on to the next one



[Verse 2]
F-ck a throwback jersey cos we on to the next one,
and f-ck that autotune cos we oohhhhn,
and n-ggas dont be mad cos its all about progression,
loiterers should be arrested, I used to drink Kristal,
muthaf-ckers racist, so I switched Gold Bottles on to that spade sh-t,
you gon have another drink or you just gon babysit,
on to the next one, somebody call da waitress,
Baby im a boss, i dunno what they do,
I dont get dropped, I dropped the label,
World cant hold me, too much ambition,
always knew itd be like this when I was in the kitchen,
n-ggas in the same spots, me Im dodging rain drops,
lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
meaning im on vacay, chillin on a big yacht,
yeah i go ton flip flops, white louie boat shoes,
you should grow the f-ck up,
come here let me coach you,
Hold up,


[Verse 3]
Uh, Big pimpin in the house now,
bought the land, tore the muthaf-cking house down,
bought the car, tore the muthaf-cking roof off,
ride clean, i dont ever take the shoes off,
bought the jeep, tore the muthaf-cking doors off,
foot out dat b-tch about to sh-t like a skateboard,
navigation on tryin to find my next thrill,
lyrics courtesy of killerhiphop.com
feelin myself i dont even need an x pill,
cant chill but my neck will,
haters really gon be mad off my next deal,
uh, i dont know hwy they really worry bout my pockets,
meanwhile i had Oprah chillin in the projects,
had her out in Bed Stuy chillin on the steps,
drinking quarter waters gotta be the best,
MJ at summerjam, Obama on the text,
yall should be afraid of what Im gonna do next.
Hold up,


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