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Someone like u I never believed,
Would ever be in my life.
Different ways & world's apart,
Some said we'd never survive.
But, 1 thing I know is I couldn't live
Without u here by my side.
I been thinking of, dreaming of, girl, U & I,
& I'm singing of giving good love
.You're the meaning of, the reason why 2gether we shine,
So surrender your love 2 me as I do 2 U.
Girl, I don't know what u see in me,
You're not like others I've known.
What I can give, money can't buy,
With me you're never alone.
Cuz 1 thing I promise is I will be there,
I'll be there by your side,
Time will tell the days, girl,
I dedicate these words 2 u.
Cuz I can't visualize u in anothers arms,
I don't know what I'ddo.

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