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We Are One (ABCs Oscar-2013 Promo) рисунок


Sun comes up the day is calling,
but all around the sky is falling down,
still we keep shinin',
Takin' steps, farther, faster,
Runnin' towards ever after now,
We are risin',
We keep risin', now.

Oh, we are the one, all of us,
we're the part and we are the sum,
feel it now, feel the rush,
and believe in the power of us,
whoa, whoa,
we are the one.

High above all the rest,
No one else could ever touch us now,
Cause we keep flying,
Movin' at the speed of sound,
Never gonna turn around now,
Cause we keep shinin',
We keep shinin' now, now, now.


Gonna scatter these giants,
Gonna shatter the silence,
Oh, you know, we are the one.


We are the one

We are the one

Подборка ''We are one'' Флешмоб фестиваля Inclusive Dance

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