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You and me, everything, all of you, when I sing
I feel your lips again, I feel your pussy wet
You are my special girl, all of you on my chest
Have the hickey on yo neck, over smile, be upset

All of you were mine, all of you, were fine, yeah yeah
All of you, in times that I miss you all that I
But I, but I, but I

I've been getting faded in the city
Marylin Monroe in my body keep me up till the morning
It's 333 in the 6 on our way to the party after clubbing
I ain't ever yawning, girl, you know what is up nah
I don't wanna go let it and beat it up nah
Just to go on my dreams, go talk to my mum' nah
Just gunned die, it's a block down
Aaaaah, yeah yeah, as she brought down, I know, yeah
Her heart melt down and I've gotten to the stuff
Boy in the city with a no-way sign
Girl, like ya take it down, I ain't askin' doors
And I like this bar, I'mma do it all ova
Somebody know how it go, oh ah oh yeah ah yea yea
You know you know you know I got you on the low
Bossin' more of me, but you don't know that me
I'll never, all the shit that I've run through


Подборка All Of You C.Band - Nah neh nah (Vaya Con Dios)

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