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Techno Is Not What It Seems (Acapella Mix) рисунок


"What's all the thought about German music? Do you really think this is a hype?...Imagine a kid,let's call him Rhol,just finished school at his helm,started to spin techno of course,ambitious and eager for success...Studies? No way. Working? No way. Music will pay for his bills. So he catches us playing in most of Berlin,pockets empty but head filled with high expectations,even of superclubs with a glow in his eyes,dreaming of being one of them...and there he goes,taking a look around,not noticing he is one of a thousands with the same dream...He end up broken and he flies back home and his parents waiting for him,accepting the fact once and for long that techno is not what it seems"

Подборка Queen - I Want It All Acapella

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