Музыкальное произведение We Don't Need Who You Think You Are


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We Don't Need Who You Think You Are рисунок


Succulent white
Secrete revenge
God gives right

For you and your laws
You kill and dine
In cold sublime

God licks your face

Cos' we don't need
Who you are
We don't need
Who you are
Cos' we don't need
who you think you are

Cute nigga views
In sweet terrain
Choke it blind

So lame tourist news
Step back in time
Grieving minds

God licks your face


God licks your face
Just like a dog

Starve the minds and
Drain the face
Segregate shit nigga race
Cry for credible debates
But now them blackies legislate

So leave for anglo-aussie shores
There you'll find your heaven
As we all start again


Подборка Skunk Anansie - Live - WE DON'T NEED WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE

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