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Your stupid doubts made my eyes sad and wet
I feel somebodys killing me
Youre stealing my mind, but Im feeling fine

Im still making paper birds but I know
They wont fly until Im alone
I closed the doors but Youre breaking my windows

Shadows all over my bed every night
I know I could find the reason to fight
But I have no guns, so I walk in the mud of the loss

This cinema shows full of idol talks
Made me feel like an empty old letter-box
Im dead for a moment were alive till we seek..

All I have its a land full o dying trees
I feel the rain is coming
Falling down my words they make no sound
The windy sky is breathing
All above the moon and the shadows
Our dreams are born
Torn apart the price I pay for lust
theres no one here to hear me pray

Broken wings burning eyes, but I still want to fly
Its Your gift You left me with
I know Your fire can kill, but the water will heel my deepest wounds
We get lost but well find abandoned places and well give them new names
If Youre ready to go, leave me here Im alone. Its my birthday

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